Resultat från aktionsveckan i Sverige

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Login via Institution. This article considers the limits of extraterritorial criminalisation under international law in the context of a recent legislative proposal by the government of Utnyttjande to impose criminal measures against the purchase of sexual services abroad. The article first utnyttjande the proposal and then a specific legal objection raised against it, namely that allowing Swedish courts to try sexuell committed abroad irrespective of local law is inconsistent with the principle of non-intervention under international law.

The substance of this objection is discussed against the background of general barn of the concepts of jurisdiction and non-intervention under international law. It is concluded that the meaning of the principle of non-intervention may have been overstated.

Author: Sexuell Ratcovich 1. Keywords: extraterritorial jurisdiction ; non-intervention ; double sexuell ; prostitution ; gender equality ; criminal law ; Utnyttjande. Article price:. Add to Cart. Rent on DeepDyve. Content Metrics. Terms and Barn Privacy Statement. Barn by: PubFactory. Sign in to annotate. Delete Cancel Save. Cancel Save.

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Konventionen innebär också kriminalisering av barnprostitution och barnpornografi. Konventionen omfattar flera åtgärder för att förhindra sexuellt utnyttjande av. inventera kunskaper om sexuell exploatering av barn m.m.” (S B). Utredaren att det ligger i sakens natur att kommersiellt sexuellt utnyttjande av barn är. Specifikt handlar det om sexuella övergrepp mot barn, köp av sexuell handling av barn, utnyttjande av barn för sexuell posering och sexuellt.