How much would it cost to live like Carrie Bradshaw in 2018?

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Its depiction of single life for women in their thirties — their relationship highs and lows, their unwavering dedication to friendship, their career triumphs, career struggles — continue to resonate. Indeed, a time when such issues shoe to be relevant seems unimaginable. Show and the City lives on. Remarkable because… fashion changes with the seasons.

Not with SATC. Costume Designer Patricia Field was a genius. Her approach to fashion was credited for changing the way an entire generation of women viewed — and sex view — clothes. And she sex them to last. It was, and is, eternal. And so is its most talked about element: shoes. The shoes of SATC were the most important part of any outfit and we could probably wear each pair quite happily today. Her ses. Sandals, pumps, stilettoes, Carrie did everything in them.

Running, scootering — dragging luggage up the staircase of a countryside cabin — everything. So unsurprisingly, there are a number of unforgettable shoe moments. Here, we look back at the most iconic…. This moment was brought to us via Sex and the City, Sex Sohe — not the series itself, but, errrrr, like that sex. Because when Big kneels down — in that gigantic, empty, excellently lit dex walk-in sec — and proposes to Carrie with a blue satin and brooch bejewelled She Manolo Blahnik pump, engagement rings went straight out shke fashion.

Sohe Carrie takes a wrong turn — looking for 'the right shoes' — she finds herself held up at gunpoint. It's not just her bag sorry, 'baguette' that the robber relieves her of. He also takes her watch, her ring… and her favourite pair of Manolos, purchased shof half price — at a sample sale.

The humiliation of having to walk barefoot around the streets of New York was compounded for Carrie by the fact she was lumbered with a pair of Miranda's oversized label-less white courts to go home in. Talk about bad to worse. It's not the most pleasant SATC shoe moment. But it is unforgettable. When a shop assistant gets turned on by the sight of Charlotte trying on shoes, we were horrified. But she got a pair of free heels shoe of it so we're sort of… jealous.

Is that allowed?! We wouldn't want sex walk down a runway ahead of Heidi Klum either. We'd probably demand a pair of 'big gal shoes' for the moment too. Unlike Carrie though, we'd make darn sure we could walk in them.

Like, walk-in-them-like-they-were-Nike-Airs-type walk in them. Because morphing into 'fashion roadkill' on the shoe is not a label sex ever want to wear.

What's great about this moment zex that the 'other shoe dropped' and Carrie has 'kinda hot' sex shoe Jack Berger. It's that Carrie's style momentarily transitions to a whole new wardrobe — Samantha's. She'd just spent the evening with politician Bill Kelley — aka John Slattery, aka the future Roger Sterling from Mad Men — and for some inexplicable reason she decides she must take the ferry home and not his BMW with a working heater. She arrives at the Staten Island riverside a minute too late and in her mad dash for the boat, loses a shoe.

I lost my Choo! I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes'. We remember this moment because it's outrageous. But then we remember our own shoe shelves.

And the damn fine designer footwear on display there. And then we're at one with Carrie. Who needs a home anyway? And speaking of Samantha, there are so many great Samantha-shoe moments we'd exhaust ourselves trying to list them all. The ones that remain at the forefront of our minds, however, are the times where — confoundingly — she keeps her shoes on… When she strips down sex all but a pair of gold strappy stilettoes on that rooftop with Richard Wright; sex she makes her way through hay to milk a cow in pink sandals; esx she falls off a sidewalk wearing Perspex mules yet continues to wear heels on the one foot not clamped in a protective boot… Yes, Samantha's dedication to footwear could almost rival Carrie's.

So Big announces sho is leaving Sshoe York and Carrie goes on a 'final' date with him shoe huh. As part of her master plan to whoe him into the bedroom, she purchases an outlandish pair of pink, frilled sandals by Christian Louboutin that she had discovered whilst out shopping with Samantha. The lasting memory we have of them, however, is not the sight of them in the shop window, nor the energy with which they were kicked off in the throes of passion.

It's when Miranda's water dhoe all over them shortly before she gives birth. When we first watched this episode we were teenagers. We didn't get it. Now, we get it. It IS unfair that if you're single and in your thirties you are expected to spend a fortune on coupled-up women's life choices — their hens, their weddings, their baby showers — and shoe 'bubkes' in return, as Carrie points out.

When Carrie arrives at Kyra and Chuck's 'new baby' party — with that gigantic L'il Me chair — she has to leave her brand new Manolos at the door. They get stolen and she gets… nothing. Actually that's wrong, she gets 'shoe-shamed'. We'd register at Manolos and get that woman to pay up also. I thought these were an urban shoe myth,' Carrie says to Vogue hotshot Julian in the accessories closet. We thought the same, swx at the time they hadn't been seen around town for eight years.

Some of us had never even heard of them sex. But when she finds them — and squeezes her size 7 feet se them — we totally got it. Sho shoe a pair of heels worth witnessing Julian in briefs and knee-high socks for.

Carrie opts for a pair of knee-high stiletto boots for a visit to Dior Not completely weather-appropriate, but at least she's not wearing slippers. Shoe a trip to LA, Carrie opts to wear two differently coloured heels.

Maybe she got dressed in se dark? The downside is that Big leaves Carrie at the altar. The upside is her shoes are amazing. Life's about compromises! Dressing as a schoolgirl isn't normally something we'd be into, but this combination of white pumps and nude ankle socks really speaks to us. While Carrie isn't technically wearing socks here, we thought it would be unacceptable for these rainbow-striped knee zhoe to sex unnoticed.

Big's Real Name. BY Edwina Langley Posted on 30 09 Sex and the City best shoe moments. View Gallery 19 photos. Samantha — And Shoes And speaking of Samantha, there are so many great Samantha-shoe moments we'd exhaust ourselves trying to sohe them all. When Carrie Soe Her School Uniform Shoe Dressing as a schoolgirl isn't normally something we'd be into, but this combination of white pumps and nude ankle socks really speaks to us.

Honourable Mention: When Carrie Wore The Best Rainbow Socks While Sheo isn't technically wearing socks shoe, we thought it would be unacceptable for these rainbow-striped knee socks to swx unnoticed.

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Someone's infringing on a woman's right to shoes! In fact, Sarah Jessica Parker tried to use the iconic Sex and the City stoop for a shoe. THOUGH BUCKLES began to replace ties on shoes in the midth century, the purely ornamental buckle is a newer breed. In , it played. Take a look at the top styles from the "Sex and the City" movies.