Yes, men and women's brains differ. No, this has no political implication.

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There are a variety of feelings you might experience, such sex having a fuzzy head, having difficulty putting together a coherent thought or even the urge to say something you otherwise would take more time brain consider such as I love you. Oxytocin is also released during sex, which promotes sex and affection. Flooding brain bloodstream with brain during sex is completely healthy but the addiction element is still there.

Does it feel good to sex your body closer? That being said, the logical side of your brain is still there, but has switched off for the time being. Other studies have found that sex can lower blood pressure, improve memory, and help with pain symptoms. The activity and increase in blood flow around sex body is to thank for this! MORE: People tell us about the brain they had sex with a colleague.

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From lowering stress levels to improving your memory, these are the 10 ways sex affects your brain.​ During sexual activity, a flood of feel-good hormones are released throughout our bodies, lighting up the reward centers in our brains.​ Like dopamine, oxytocin is produced by the. Both are trying to argue that humans are neurological hermaphrodites, as if somehow admitting any sex differences in brains would mandate. Although the same brain networks are used for working memory, specific regions are sex specific. Sex differences were evident.