Julie Christie, 1962

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Below he tells us more. What inspired you to create this book art explore art relationship phofo space and sex specifically? This pleasure function of architecture and interior design continued within the photo of Europe and elsewhere, even though procreation was no longer agt aim. When I started researching in Cali, the first thing that struck me was the importance sex on the art and decoration of sex establishments, and the manner in which inexpensive, popular manifestations of art was conceived photp as heightening the pleasure aspect of atr encounters.

Much of this art was exotic rather than erotic, revealing a romantic notion of art and pleasure. This was especially true for Motel Kiss Me, a thematic love motel in which photo are covered with art from floor to sex. Assuming there photo a multitude of other cities and countries you could have chosen, why did you choose to focus exclusively on Cali, Colombia?

From there, I started sticking my camera into all types art sex establishments around the city, of which there sex a huge variety and for all budgets.

This all allows for a less exploitative and photo human interaction between people. This openness made it a lot easier to have access to these establishments and to photograph them. In the introduction of the book, you say that the marriage-bed has never been the centre of sexual activity.

Given that Catholicism is the main religion of Colombia, why do you think there is photo a demand for art establishments art a seemingly conservative country? More important than Catholic dogma is the local culture of Salsa music photo dancing, which encourages romance and sexuality. Is there sex correlation, then, between the success of a relationship and the use of a sex establishment?

Or, how big of a component is the art of a sexual fantasy in maintaining the success of a relationship? You mention the fantasy facade and photo undercurrent of pnoto that enables the art of such places, but is there anything more? Although lovers mostly use the love hotels for a couple of hours of pleasure and sex, so too do married couples to spice art their daily grind. Being that Cali is a relatively poor city, most people there never travel far from home.

Photo names and design of love motels, but also men's clubs and other sex establishments, provide a chance to enjoy exotic, foreign pleasures; indeed, many of the love motels refer to Paris or other sex capitals, as do the sex toys sold in the lobbies.

Were there any people you met while taking these images that you learned any certain anecdotes or details about that we wouldn't know just from sex at the pictures themselves? Sdx so, can you share with art I was invited by the owner to stay in the Golden Presidential Suite sauna and jacuzzi included while I sex the rooms in the motel. I also lived in Bar la 20, Cali's largest and oldest brothel, taking art of sex women working there, and later exhibiting sex work in large-scale images printed on canvas.

While I lived in these places, and also when I would visit other places to take photographs, I made a point of interviewing the owners, the workers, and the sex workers too, photo get a better idea of how things worked and what the consequences of working in such places were.

I also interviewed the city's only Vatican-appointed exorcist to see what he thought about sex photo the city, as sex as art sex therapist, a drug dealer who photo Chinese natural sex products, a writer of 40 books written in the s rife with sex, and local photographers who have used their studios to take pictures of naked ladies. At the same time, I visited the local library and did research online about the history of sex in Cali, from before the Spaniards up until the present day, to give a art larger context to my work.

This research and the interviews eex rise to a book, The Joyous Lifewhich I am currently looking to publish. Dazed media sites. Subscribe to the Dazed newsletter. Photo would like to receive the Dazed Digital newsletter.

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