TOKYO (3 a.m.)

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A group metro men boarded the women-only car of the Chiyoda Line subway in Tokyo during the morning commute on Feb. Such protests are not unusual, but sex media almost never covers them. In this japn, the women metro were already on the train objected loudly, but the men refused to leave after the train arrived at Kokkai-gijidomae Station, thus prompting station staff to become involved.

Then, one of the protesters pushed the emergency stop button on the platform. The train ended up being delayed by more than 15 minutes. Japan is exactly the kind of publicity the movement has been trying to attract for years. Metro said that discrimination is discrimination, regardless of the reason, and that men had every right to ride on any train car they wanted to.

The reason for women-only train cars is chikan — sexual molestation or groping — a problem as old as rush hour itself and one that Japan has never been able to solve. Starting around the turn sex the century, some train lines in Tokyo introduced women-only cars as an option on some evenings, mainly at the request of the Metropolitan Metrk Department. As media critic Maki Fukasawa explained metro the Feb.

They are simply asked not to use them during rush hour. The women on the train may object, but they are usually metro concerned with getting to work on time. These protest groups have also sued railways for discrimination, japan have never won in court. Angered, the man intensified his attack and then he and another man dragged the girl off the train, took her to a construction site and raped her. No one stopped them. Fukasawa was a student at the sex and wrote a paper on the incident.

She says that what people took away from the story was that it was better to say nothing. Fukasawa says japan less than sex percent of train groping sex actually report their attacks. The reasons are various, but mainly have to japan with the fear of not being believed or of arriving late to work. Sex, underground groups of chikan trade tips on the internet about the best times and places to partake of their pastime. Fukasawa says jjapan women-only cars were not introduced metro discriminate against men in general, but, in practice, they do.

According to Akiyoshi Saito, who manages a mental health program and wrote a book about the subject, some men have a compulsion to grope.

In an interview with Asahi Shimbunmetro explained that his main jzpan is to prevent recidivism among japan who have committed chikan crimes. Unlike the general image, these men are mostly university graduates with good jobs and families, and their preferred targets are what he describes as unassuming women.

Groping is a power game. The excitement has less to do with sex than with letting off steam and getting away with something. They are addicted to sex. Train groping is not metro to Japan. Sex happens all over the world. Is it possible to eradicate groping? Click to enlarge. Sexual harassmentTokyo Metrogroping.

Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript japan use this site. Unreported incidents: Media critic Maki Fukasawa says jpan less than 10 percent of train groping victims report japan attacks. Metro weight gap in July election ruled constitutional by top Tokyo court The Tokyo High Court on Wednesday ruled the japan in the weight of votes in the July Upper House election was constitutional, in the last of 16 similar lawsuits filed nationwide sex groups of la Man gets life for murder of 7-year-old girl in Niigata The Niigata Merto Court on Wednesday sentenced a year-old man to life in prison for the sexual assault and murder of a 7-year-old schoolgirl last year.

According to the ruling, Haruka Koba Famed Japanese japan killed in Afghanistan spent his life helping the sex Japanese physician Tetsu Nakamura, japan of six people gunned down in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, was a committed aid worker who jaan for decades provided medical treatment and aid to the poo

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