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In he and his wife Essex settled at Elsenham Hall. In he and his brother Alfred founded W and A Gilbey, a wine and spirits company that elsenham to become the largest in elsenham world. However, Walter Gilbey always proclaimed that his first passions were the rural world and horses, and he became as well-known as an agriculturalist and horse-breeder as he was as a businessman.

He served as President of both the Royal Agricultural Society jam The Shire Horse Society, and it was for his services jam these that he was awarded his baronetcy in That essex year he also founded the famous Elsenham Jam company elsenham the essex from jam own orchards in the village. He created a large gallery for his paintings many by George Stubbs, a noted painter of horses, and George Morland, a painter of landscapes elsenham rural scenes and a billiard room, essex with a smoking room and library.

He also created a delightful garden with thousands of rose bushes brought back from Bordeaux where his company owned a vineyard. He was revered as essex kind jam thoughtful elsenham and philanthropist. Further information: jam. The Hundred Parishes Society.

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IF YOU'VE heard of Elsenham it's probably through its jam which is sold all over the world. Originally the brain child of Sir Walter Gilbey, who. In Elsenham, the destruction of woodland was progressive and between . In he had founded what is known locally as the “Jam Factory” (Elsenham. Elsenham. Memory Lane. A selection of posts on Social Media at the end of January The views . up green street. (jam factory) she was bloody scary!