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Earlier issues. Today designing a unique, compelling portfolio has become a crucial task for designers, studios, 69sexy and everyone whose business is on the 69sext. Not only does it help one stand out among the numerous competitors, but it is also a great tool for self-expression and demonstration of skills.

Now designers face new challenges in attracting the capricious web audience — a plain web page with a project list on it is out of date and boring, while 69dexy Flash websites with intricate navigation are annoying. Fortunately, despite all difficulties beautiful and artistic designs are appearing in an endless 69sexxy. Designers skillfully use all the benefits of the digital age and create websites that are rich in effects and eye-popping yet simple and accessible.

In this post you can see a collection of 69 new, ingenious and beautiful portfolio designs that will hopefully become a decent inspiration source for you. The collection includes both Flash and HTML websites, however all the designs are stuck to the balance of visual attractiveness and usability. Notice that every screenshot is clickable and leads to the website itself. Just look at these awesome graphics and regard for details!

Neat accordion slideshow pattern enables to navigate the site at ease. And now a trick not for the faint of heart! Internet Explorer kills the design magic. Carlos Cabrera This design successfully combines features of portfolio and online store. It provides easy accessibility and navigation; plus, featured works floating 69sexy the background deliver additional efficiency and visual appeal. ThousandMinds A super stylish dark web design with enjoyable navigation.

Puppetbrain A 69zexy old-school design with a funny curious character running all through the website. Huan David Perafan Baez A beautiful Flash website with horizontal navigation and amazing uninterrupted illustration in the background. The preloader is impressive here as well. Nick Hand The portfolio of Alaska-based designer Nick Hand looks awesome with its vintage grunge background, sleek transition effects and transparent areas wrapped in dotted lines.

Great example of one-page portfolio design. Nifty texture, elegant logo and typography implemented in this design are really striking. CreativeThe Each section of this single-page portfolio has its 69sexy background texture and graphic elements that are interwoven very smoothly. Urban graphics at the bottom of the page 69dexy all section designs 69sexy contains navigation bar and copyright info.

Mutant Labs Mutant Labs studio claims to be a new breed 69dexy media scientists. Nosotros Beside clean and simple layout, the portfolio of the creative agency Nosotros provides prominent data visualization and infographics. Splendid, original illustration is the very spice that makes this site look awesome. Imaginaria Creative Beautiful textures, large typography in the backgrounds, warm colors and smooth transparency result in an exquisite website design.

Instead, it is straightforward and beautiful. Among the major features of Mcinen. Excellent work! Atomic Cartoons Inc.

Wonderful single-page portfolio with vertical navigation. Atomic Cartoons did justice to themselves by featuring amusing illustrations throughout the website. Sober colors and unobtrusive, minimal Flash animation which beautifully renders the typo, provide an enjoyable visual and content 699sexy experience. Project Light and clean one-page portfolio of Project looks fresh and positive, mostly due to lovely doodle 69sxy used in this design. Filipe Carvalho Classy typography and good color management is what makes this portfolio design stand out.

Bright colors and wide space in the header, non-standard fonts in the post titles and one-column layout make this 69sexy unique. Here everything from textures to the smallest graphic element is about details. Nothing left hanging here, great work indeed. Nouincolor Style, laconism, individuality. Kashmir Creative The portfolio of Belgium business communication agency Kashmir Creative looks stylish and contemporary.

Much of this is due to the choice of colors and a professional photo filling up the background of the site. Synch Media A cool robot illustration and all this cheerful geometry make this design look positive and fresh. Daniel Kusaka Although personal portfolio of Brazilian graphic designer Daniel Kusaka is based on Flash, it loads fast and provides good content accessibility. Colorful clues chaotically stretched about the project gallery, as well as good work with thumbnail lighting, make this design look topnotch.

This Flash-like motioned grid is developed by means of fancy jQuery. Pirolab Again, lots of awesome visual effects here and no Flash! Kidd81 A big fun in this 69sexy. No doubt, this cartoonish, childlike design took some really adult skills to be done. IAAH This design is everything but ordinary. As the guys from IAAH say, this site is meant to challenge the concept of space and how it is perceived within the browser window.

Experimental layout may frustrate the advocates of simplicity and usability standards, but if you enjoy approaches that push the boundaries of web design, portfolio site of Iamalwayshungry studio will appeal to you. Glasshouse The portfolio of Cape Town based digital communication studio Glasshouse is 69sexy, original and well developed. Laureano Endeiza This portfolio design offers a wide range of various options — you can switch between several design themes, filter displayed portfolio categories and read the site both in English and Spanish.

MopStudio The border between originality 69sexy weirdness 69sext rather fuzzy here. Perhaps it will take us, Western culture representatives, a few years to understand the delicate philosophy of Japanese web design.

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